Complete Dentures

Natural teeth and the underlying bone provide a framework that supports the structures of the face including the lips, cheeks, and the nose. When teeth are lost, the ability to eat and chew properly is impaired, and it becomes difficult to maintain a proper diet. Without support from the teeth, the face will sag creating a look of premature aging. Additionally, without teeth we cannot speak clearly and distinctly.

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A complete denture replaces all of the natural teeth in the upper and lower jaw, or both, sitting on the soft (gum) tissue of the mouth that covers the bone ridge. Dr. Alan Brodine or Dr. Brian Brodine may use several different procedures to make sure your denture will fit the shape of your mouth and provide the necessary support for the face. The design of the denture and position of the teeth will restore good speech and appearance.

Drs. Alan Brodine and Brian Brodine have extensive training and experience in creating well-fitting and attractive dentures. Over time, the gums and bone supporting the denture will shrink causing the denture to become loose. Periodic visits are necessary to check the fit of your denture. If required, the denture can be adjusted and refit.

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