What come to mind is Dr. Brodine’s kindness and dedication- but then I look in the mirror and see the evidence of his expertise. Friends and relatives are amazed that I have dentures. My speech is unaffected by them and I smile a lot.”
Patricia Keihl

My fears and anxieties about going to the dentist were a replaced with trust under Dr. Brodine’s care. He took time to answer my questions and explain each procedure.
Patricia Hawkes

Dr. Brodine utilizes the latest technology. He is thorough and conscientious, keeping the welfare of his patient first at all times to ensure 100% results.
Linda Anderson

Dr. Brodine is not only a caring and compassionate man, but also a very fine Prosthodontist. I had full confidence in him from the very first meeting, and the extensive dental care that he has provided for me has been excellent.
Barbara Colicchio

Dr. Brodine is the most meticulous craftsman I’ve ever met in a any field. Combine that with real skill and you get near perfection. I’ve been trouble-free since I started with him.
Edith Lank

I recommend Dr. Brodine highly – especially for the more difficult problems.
Daniel Apple, PhD