Dr Brian Brodine’s CV

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  • Board Certification in Prosthodontics (February 2022 – current)
  • Prosthodontic Resident at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (2018-2021)
    • M.D.S. Master of Dental Science (Graduated Class of 2021)
    • Certificate in Advanced Prosthodontics (Graduated Class of 2021)
  • Dental School – University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Dentistry (2014-2018)
  • College – Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)
    • B.S. Biomedical Science (Graduated Class of 2014 Cum Laude)
    • B.S. Medical Informatics (Graduated Class of 2013 with Honors)


• Fellow of the American College of Prosthodontics (March 2022-present)
• The University of Tennessee College of Dentistry Dean’s Award for Clinical Excellence 2018
• American College of Prosthodontists Outstanding Undergraduate Achievement Award 2018
• The American Academy of Periodontology Outstanding Achievement in Periodontics 2018 Dental Student Award
• American Association of Endodontists Student Achievement Award 2018
• UT CoD Dr. Thomas and Marjorie Weems Scholarship (Spring 2017)
• Department Delegate Class of 2013 – Department of Information Sciences and Technologies within the Galisano College of Computing Information Sciences at RIT


  • American Dental Association ………………………………………………….. Member (2018-present)
  • American College of Prosthodontics ……….. Member (2017-present), Fellow (February 2022-present)
  • Brodine Prosthodontic Seminars Online Study Club …………………….. IT Manager (2008-present)
  • International Team for Implantology (ITI) ……………………………….. (Member 2022- present)
  • Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation (FOR) …………………………………..(Member 2022 – present)


  • American Academy of Restorative Dentistry (AARD) – Table Clinic “Digital Workflows in Implant Prosthodontics: Welcome to the Future?” (February 27, 2022)
  • Ragain JC, Brodine BA, Zheng Q, Blen BJ, Garcia-Gadoy F, Zhang YH. Effects of Dental Curing Light on Human Gingival Epithelial Cell Proliferation. JADA (April, 2021);152(4):260-268.
  • Brodine BA, Korioth TV, Morrow B, Shafter M, Hollis W, Canga DR. Surface Roughness of Milled Lithium Disilicate With and Without Reinforcement After Finishing and Polishing: An In Vitro Study. J Prosthodont. (2020) 1-7. Accepted August 27, 2020.
  • Selectman AM, Brodine BA. Poly(Methylmethacrylate) Microwave Processing: A Technique Paper. J Prosthodont. (2019) 1–3. November, 2019.
  • Brodine BA, Redmond D, Duff MF, Abidi AH. Comparison of Milled vs Pressed Lithium Disilicate Full Coverage Anterior Restorations Esthetics and Patient Satisfaction: A Case Report. J Dent Res Prac 2019; 1(1): 25-30.
  • History of Denture Teeth and Articulators – Presented to D1 Dental Students at UTHSC College of Dentistry January 2019
  • Troeltzch M, Lohse N, Moser N, Kauffmann P, Cordesmeyer R, Aung T, Brodine B, Troeltzch M. A review of pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment options, and differential diagnosis of odontogenic infections: A rather mundane pathology? Quintessence Int. 2015 Jul 10. Doi: 10.3290/j.qi.a33448
  • Troeltzsch M, Messlinger K, Brodine B, Gassling V, Troeltzsch M. A comparison of conservative and invasive dental approaches in the treatment of tension-type headache. Quintessence Int. 2014 Jul 10. Doi: 10.3290/j.qi.a32245


  • Surface Roughness of Milled Lithium Disilicate With and Without Reinforcement After Finishing and Polishing: An In Vitro Study

Mentors: Tom V Korioth DDS PhD, Brian Marrow MS, Mohamed Shafter DDS, BDs, CAGS, DScD , David R Cagna DMD MS, Wainscott C Hollis DDS MDS

Summer 2020 UTHSC

  • Surface Smoothness of Feldspar Ceramic CAD/CAM Restorations Following Two Step Finishing and Polishing

Mentors: Mark Jensen D.D.S. M.S., Ph.D, Franklin Garcia-Godoy D.D.S. M.S. Ph.D, Ph.D, Brian Marrow M.S. – Summer 2017 UTHSC

  • Dental Curing Light Effects on Gingival Epithelial Cell Proliferation

Mentors: Yanhui Zhang, M.S. Ph.D, Q Zhang, James C. Ragain D.D.S., M.S., Bernard J. Blen, Franklin Garcia-Godoy D.D.S. M.S. Ph.D, Ph.D

Summer 2016 UTHSC

  • The Role of Probiotics in a Healthy Oral Microbiome and the Potential of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG and Streptococcus salivarius K12 blis as Dental Probiotics – Independent Study

Spring 2014 RIT Mentor: Dr. Robert Osgood

  • Serotype Determination and Quantitation of Total Streptococci, Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sobrinus in saliva samples Mentor: Dr. Robert Osgood (Research Roles: Saliva sample collection, Electronic collection of demographics, PCR) – Independent Study

Fall 2013 RIT


  • Dental School Community Health Rotations (2017-2018)
    • Bristol Tennessee – Healing Hands Clinic (Extractions and fillings)
    • Jackson Tennessee – Community Health Center (Extractions and fillings)
    • Chattanooga Tennessee – Erlanger Community Health Center (Extractions and fillings)
  • Dental Day Early Grove Baptist Church Family Life Center Memphis, TN (May, 6 2017 ~ 2hrs)
  • Give Kids a Smile (February 2, 2017) – extractions and operative dentistry
  • Memphis Mission of Mercy (February 10, 2017)
  • Remote Area Medical (RAM)
    • RAM Memphis (October 8 – 9, 2016)
    • RAM Knoxville (February 4-5, 2017)
  • Red Bank Baptist Honduras Medical and Dental Mission (June, 2016)
  • Dental Day Church Health Fair New Life in Christ Fellowship Memphis, TN (October 25, 2014 ~ 2hrs)
  • Rochester General Hospital ED Liaison (October 2013-Dec. 2013, 4hrs/week)
  • New York State certified EMT-Basic with volunteer experience (2010-2011, 6hrs/week)