Dentistry Before and After Photos

Upper Full-arch Implant Bridge

mouth partially opened with moustache
smiling man with moustache


Upper and Lower Full-arch Implant Fixed Bridges

up close image of crooked teeth
full mount smile of a man with yellow teeth
smiling man with yellow teeth


Upper Complete Denture and Lower Full-arch Implant Fixed Bridge

Natural Tooth Crowns and Implant Crowns

upper crocked teeth showing on a smiling man
smiling man upper teeth showing


Crown Lengthening and Teeth Whitening

smiling woman top teeth showing
smiling woman full mouth teeth showing


Crown Lengthening and Dental Crowns and Bridges

full mount smile of woman with a receding front tooth gum line
smiling woman with crooked bottom teeth


Crown lengthening, Teeth Whitening, Porcelain Veneer, Maryland Bridge

smiling woman with front teeth showing
smiling woman with front top white teeth showing


Crown Lengthening, Upper Crowns, Lower Porcelain Teeth Veneers

Crown lengthening
smiling woman before crown lengthening
woman smiling
woman smiling for crown lengthening


Dental Implant Crowns

 smiling woman before crown
 woman smiling front top teeth showing